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Court News & Notices

NOTICE: Case Access Portal will be unavailable due to network maintenance Thursday 12/5/19 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST and also Saturday 12/7/19 from 8am to 4pm PST. Thank you for your patience while the Court performs this important upgrade.

NOTICE: August 29, 2019:

Order Re: Judicial Assignments Effective 9/16/19

NOTICE: July 25, 2019:

Notice of receipt of the annual allocation of the trial court budget from the Judicial Council after enactment of the Budget Act for fiscal year 2019-2020.

NOTICE: June 26, 2019:

The new fiscal year 2019-2020 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury will be sworn into office on Monday, July 1st at 12:00 p.m.

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Info By Division


A non-prevailing party in a case may ask a higher court to review the decision in their case and determine if the decision was correct.


A civil matter involves a lawsuit in which one party sues another to recover money, real property or personal property, to enforce a contract or an obligation, to co/llect damages for injury or to protect some civil right.


Criminal cases range from relatively minor offenses such as traffic infractions to serious ones such as robbery and murder.

Family Law

Superior Court has programs that provide limited services in family law: Family Court Services and Family Law Facilitator


In California, as in all states, there is a separate court system for persons under the age of 18, who are known as minors or juveniles. The juvenile courts have the ability to intervene in three different types of circumstances: Delinquency, Status Offenders, Dependent Children.

Small Claims

Small Claims is a court where you can exercise your rights to resolve a dispute that do not exceed $10,000 and are resolved quickly and inexpensively with relatively simple and informal rules.

Traffic/Minor Offenses

Violations of traffic laws, municipal code violations and county ordinances are heard in Traffic Court.

Jury Services

The right to trial by a jury is the privilege of every person in the United States.  This right is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  Jurors are essential to the administration of justice.

Locations & Contact Information


Santa Barbara   CIVIL: (805) 882-4520
CRIMINAL/TRAFFIC: (805) 568-3959
Santa Maria CIVIL: (805) 614-6414
CRIMINAL/TRAFFIC: (805) 346-7550
Lompoc CIVIL: (805) 737-5452
CRIMINAL/TRAFFIC: (805) 737-7789
Solvang (805) 686-5040


Our Mission

The mission of our Court is to protect constitutional rights and liberties, apply the law equally, resolve disputes, and reconcile relationships in a fair and timely manner.

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