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Court Interpreters
The Superior Court provides interpreters for the following purposes:

  • Criminal, traffic, juvenile, and District Attorney represented family support matters.
  • Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) cases and Domestic Violence cases.
  • Parties and Counsel are required to provide at least forty eight (48) hours notice (to the Courts' Calendar Management unit) of any need for interpreting in order to assure that these services may be arranged by the Court on a timely basis.
The Superior Court will not provide court interpreters for the following purposes:

  • Small claims and civil matters.
  • If a party calls a witness for whom an interpreter is required, the party shall provide, in advance, for the interpreter and shall be responsible for his or her compensation.
  • If an interpreter is required to assist the mediation process. A family member should not be used as the interpreter without the consent of the other party and opposing counsel.

The interpreter's role shall be limited to that of interpreting, not offering opinions or suggestions.

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